LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Students want Walla Walla to love Aviary


My seventh-grade advisory class at Pioneer Middle School and the Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary are joining forces to make a stand for our community. We are holding an event to help the community fall in love with the Pioneer Park Aviary.

On April 16, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., we will be giving tours of the Aviary and promoting the Adopt-A-Bird Program. We are selling tickets for our event downtown on Saturday. Tickets will also be available the day of the event.

You can find us at the Land Title Plaza on the corner of First Avenue and Main Street, across from Starbucks and Book and Game Company. You can also listen for us to promote our event on AM 1420 KUJ with Jim Bock on Walla Walla Live this Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

You are probably wondering why Walla Walla's young people would put all this effort into saving a community program that may not be that important to you. Well, most of us have been to the Aviary and have seen little kids with their parents there.

We've watched their faces light up and smile from ear to ear when visiting the cute birds.

You may or may not know that some of the birds at the Aviary are endangered and if it is taken away, all the birds will be shipped off and sold to unknown people. Right now they are safe, cared for and appreciated by a lot of people. We need to keep it this way.

These birds grew up here, just like us, and they deserve better than just practically being thrown away.

Why should we take this resource away from the younger kids of Walla Walla when we, as a community, can pull together to keep it open? We love the birds and want the rest of the community to love them too.

We don't want people to like the Aviary; we want them to love it! Only by falling in love and reconnecting with this wonderful place can we truly save it. That's why we are holding this event, and that's why you should come!

Talia Grandstaff

Walla Walla


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