Computers, monitors and television sets contain toxic heavy metals including lead, cadmium and mercury and cannot be disposed of in the trash.

If they are no longer usable, they can be dropped off without charge at a special electronics recycling station in Walla Walla at 827 N. 12th Avenue, or at the corner of Rose & 13th, and in Milton-Freewater behind the Drive-In theater on Highway 11.

If they are still usable by others, help conserve resources and contribute to community well-being by donating them to a nonprofit organization for reuse.

If you have to buy new equipment, look for electronics that contain fewer toxic constituents, use recycled materials, are energy efficient such as an Energy Star label, are designed for upgrading or disassembly, use minimal packaging, and meet other green performance criteria. For a website on green electronic products, go to

Gardening update: This is a great time to add compost to your soil. Try the City of Walla Walla's compost facility at the city landfill, which has a wonderful batch right now! Call 527-4591 for details.

It's our world. If we produce, reuse and recycle responsibly, we'll all benefit.

From Sustainable Walla Walla and the WWCC Go Green Club. More tips at


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