College Place man drives off armed intruder

A masked man with a knife injured the resident, who drew a gun and ordered the burglar to leave.


COLLEGE PLACE -- A young, masked man armed with a knife chose the wrong residence to burglarize Tuesday evening when he found himself at the end of a gun aimed at him by the victim.

Andy Porter said he was in his apartment on Puff Lane when he was confronted by the burglar who had walked inside. Porter suffered wounds to his right hand as he grabbed at the burglar's hand that was holding the knife.

The unknown man left after Porter drew a concealed gun. Porter was treated at Providence St. Mary Medical Center for the knife wounds, then released.

Porter -- a reporter for the Union-Bulletin -- said he was sitting at his dining room table at 1027 Puff Lane, Apt. H, about 9:45 p.m. when the man entered through the front door that had been left ajar. The man was holding the knife with an approximate five-inch blade pointed down, like an ice pick, Porter said.

Porter rose from his chair in disbelief, and as the burglar approached and stood in front of him, Porter grabbed for the man's hand and was injured.

Nonetheless, Porter then was able to draw his .38-caliber revolver from his right pants pocket, pointed the gun at the burglar's chest and threatened to shoot him if he didn't leave. The man turned and started to walk out of the apartment, saying something like, "I'm an alcoholic; I'm not going to get shot over this," according to Porter.

No shots were fired and Porter told police the man left in a calm, unhurried manner. Porter then lost sight of him after the man walked down the stairs in the darkness.

Porter believes his assailant -- who appeared to make no concerted effort to stab Porter -- is a young, medium-built Caucasian, about 5-feet 11-inches tall, 155-165 pounds and was wearing a black stocking mask, green flannel shirt and brown khaki pants.

About the same time, a woman in the area reportedly saw a masked man fleeing east from the apartments.

Police said today this is the first crime of this type to have been reported in College Place. Officials didn't have a suspect as of this morning. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Roger Maidment at 525-7778.

Terry McConn can be reached at or 526-8319.


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