April chillier, wetter than normal

The month was the second in a row with more rain than usual and in spite of a balmy April Fool's Day, was cold.


WALLA WALLA -- April delivered the showers. Now it's up to May to produce the flowers.

The first full month of spring didn't skimp on rainfall, bringing a total of 2.09 inches, an amount slightly more than a quarter-inch above normal. More than half that amount fell on the first five days of April when storms dropped a total of 1.28 inches.

It was also the second month in a row with above-normal precipitation, according to the National Weather Service. Although the abundant rain raised the year's precipitation total to 7.89 inches, the accumulation is still below the normal mark of 8.25 inches. The total for the water year, which began in October and runs through September, is 15.19 inches, a mark .19 inches below normal.

No fooling, the warmest day of the month was April 1 when the mercury climbed to 71 degrees. The coolest night was April 7 when temperatures dropped to 28 degrees, the only below-freezing night of the month. Overall, April was chilly with an average temperature of about 47 degrees, which is about five degrees cooler than normal.

The peak wind gust was 46 mph on April 25.

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