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An actual vermilion runner greeted guests at the April 18 Red Carpet Event hosted by Walla Walla Valley Academy students.

Their guests of honor are residents of Wheatland Village and Eagle Meadows, said Jessica Hutton.

Guests were escorted into the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center's Empire room on a red carpet while students cheered and took photos.

"Students wanted their guests to feel like celebrities for the evening," Jessica said.

Students and Janet Wilkinson, advisor for the WWVA Friends of Rachel Club, provided the dinner. Entertainment included violin performances by Jessica and Caitlin Brown and WWVA's ACROKnights members Sonrisa Wagner, Daniel Ruiz, Mikaela Hensel, and Anthony Woods gave demonstrations. '

"The atmosphere was great in the Empire Room. Students were talking and getting to know their seniors and laughter was heard numerous times among those present," Jessica said.

Students presented the guest with a cake that stated, "You're special."

"The students wanted to make sure that their guests knew that they were special and that people cared about them.

Friends of Rachel Club came about through the Rachel's Challenge program presented last fall. Rachel's Challenge motto is "You Just May Start a Chain Reaction."

WWVA students "want to start a chain reaction of kindness in this community. The Red Carpet Event is just one way the students are starting a chain reaction. What the students are realizing is that a chain reaction starts with an individual. That individual can be you today," Jessica said.

For more information about Rachel's Challenge see .

Relay For Life of the Blue Mountains is gearing up for the relay event Sept. 17-18 in Dayton. Its fourth fund-raising season started April 26.

The American Cancer Society's RFL theme for 2011 is "Help Us Create The Perfect Story." Teams can register with Delphine Bailey at 520-1756 or Gerri Richter at 382-4124.

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