LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Some thoughts on issues in newspaper


I have some thoughts about recent issues in the U-B and today I feel like expressing them.

First the caffeine articles. Karl Eckhardt is right. The author should provide references to all the studies he quotes. Besides, it is getting a little boring.

These articles are in the "health" section and written by a retired physician. Well, I am a retired nurse and I feel that caffeine in moderation is not harmful. I have been drinking coffee and tea for 60 years and I am in excellent health. Although the fact that I stay away from doctors may have something to do with that.

Second issue is the dispute over what the Founding Fathers intended in forming the Constitution. Just like people today, they did not all agree and had to compromise. They were not infallible and the notion that we can know what they were thinking and that their ideas were perfect is nonsense.

After all, the Constitution stated slavery was legal and acceptable. The Founding Fathers viewed slaves as "property." Thank God we have changed our thinking on that.

Now to the issue of the Civil War and slavery. It absolutely was about slavery. The southern states seceded from the union over slavery.

The battle at Gettysburg was part of the Civil War and therefore about slavery, not shoes. There would have been no threat to soldiers looking for shoes if not for the war. So, let's not try to change history.

Also, why was it necessary to have the students re-enact the battle saying it's good for them to have some fun. War is not fun, it's deadly.

Mary Kay Pinnick

Walla Walla


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