Killing of Osama bin Laden occurred, and it was justified

Those who believe bin Laden's death was a hoax are wrong. So, too, are those who are concerned that bin Laden wasn't armed.


In the days since Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in an elaborate covert operation, most of America has stood firmly behind President Obama's decision and the United States government.

Yet, there seem to be some vocal critics of what occurred and even a few who don't believe bin Laden is really dead.


Those who planned and carried out this operation did it right. That includes the decision to quickly bury bin Laden's body at sea.

It is that decision that has fueled theories that bin Laden wasn't killed in the raid.

But President Obama and his advisors opted to give bin Laden a hasty burial at sea to follow Islamic law, which calls for the body to buried within 24 hours of death. U.S. officials did not want to have the burial on land for two good reasons. One, they didn't want to create a shrine where followers of bin Laden could hail him as a martyr. Second, they were concerned it would have taken far longer than 24 hours to find a country to accept bin Laden's body.

The fact is DNA evidence and eyewitnesses confirmed it was bin Laden who was killed. Pictures were taken of the body but the White House has opted not to release them now for fear it would inflame protests in the Arab world. Again, a wise decision.

At some point, when the situation is less emotional, perhaps the photos can be made public.

The fact is bin Laden is dead.

And the way in which he was targeted was certainly justified. Bin Laden was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks and other acts of terrorism. The assault on bin Laden's compound was retaliation for an act of war.

Yet, the U.S. has been criticized because bin Laden was not armed when he was confronted by the SEAL team.

Yes, but the SEALs were storming a fortified compound. There were many armed people at the compound and weapons near bin Laden.

The SEALS did not blast away at those in their path, instead they handcuffed with zip ties.

But when the target -- bin Laden -- was identified, the SEALs likely assumed armed personnel were either present or nearby.

On Wednesday administration officials told The Associated Press the SEALs shot and killed bin Laden after they saw him appear to lunge for a weapon.

A decision had to be made in a millisecond.

This wasn't murder, it was war.

Bin Laden's death was a justified killing.


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