New at the library - 05/05/11


Featured books will be available for the public today. They can also be placed on hold online at wallawallapubliclibrary,org or call the library for assistance at 527-4550. Featured books include:


"American Salvage," by Bonnie Jo Campbell

This National Book Award finalist is a collection of short stories populated by characters of rural America. These working-class folks can clean game, fix cars and cook methamphetamine, but they have not yet learned how to prosper in the 21st century.

Many of the stories are set in the harsh Michigan winter, highlighting elements of desperation, sadness and an odd humor.

Bonnie Jo Campbell's vulnerable yet resolute characters continue to hope, dream and love even as their ways of life go extinct.

"The Marriage Artist," by Andrew Winer

Renowned art critic Daniel Lichtmann uncovers a web of mysteries dating to pre-World War II Vienna when he looks deeper into the deaths of his wife and her suspected lover, artist Benjamin Wind.

His search brings to light the magnificent life of Josef Pick, a forgotten artist of love. What could connect Wind and Pick across continents and half a century?

This tale of a family altered by the conflict between personal freedom, inherited beliefs and public prejudices offers a reminder of the way we use love in the perpetual search for meaning and permanence.


"Betsy Ross and the Making of America," by Marla R. Miller

The legend of Betsy Ross and the first American flag has long made Ross one of America's most celebrated patriots. Now this landmark biography grants a closer look at the woman behind the flag.

A newlywed when rebellion erupted, Ross married and buried three husbands during her 84 years, had seven daughters and was grandmother to over two dozen children.

Miller also examines the lives of the hardworking artisan families who peopled the young nation and crafted its furniture, clothing, ships and homes.

"Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy," by Melissa Milgrom

Journalist Melissa Milgrom exposes a thriving world of hunter-explorers, eccentric naturalists and museum artisans, all devoted to the science and art of taxidermy.

Among her adventures is a visit to Mr. Potter's Museum of Curiosities and time spent with a Canadian bear hunter as he uses DNA studies and Paleolithic cave art to re-create an extinct Irish elk. Milgrom leads her readers to understand why people in our high-tech era of ecological awareness still find taxidermy so alluring.


"There's Cake in My Future," by Kim Gruenenfelder; "Wanna Get Lucky?" by Deborah Coonts; "Bicycling Bliss: Riding to Improve Your Wellness," by Portia H. Masterson; "Fishes of the Columbia Basin," by Dennis Dauble


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