Voices from the Walla Walla Valley: Michael Jaramillo



You might recognized Michael Jaramillo from his trademark hats, through his work at Valley Vision or from the restored vintage bikes he cruises the streets on.

Jaramillo, who first got into bikes when he was a teenager, turned from four-wheel transport to two wheels after a brief but illustrious career getting ticketed for speeding. After seven tickets in a year, the authorities laid down the law: One more ticket and no more driving until 21.

Although he has his share of more modern bicycles, the hyperkinetic glasses guy has developed a much deeper love for old bikes, which he buys around the area, restores at his Locust Street home and sells to other vintage bike aficionados.

Jaramillo is the subject of the latest installment of Voices from the Walla Walla Valley. Watch online at wallawallavoices.com.


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