Five face trial in gang-related fight


WALLA WALLA -- Five defendants charged with participating in a reported gang-related fight in early February have pleaded innocent in Walla Walla County Superior Court.

Police said the suspects and others were involved in assaults on residents and visitors at a home in the 600 block of West Cherry Street on Feb. 2.

Birzavit Carmona-Hernandez, 18, of 308 N. Sixth Ave., and Jesse Corona, 18, of 115 N. Fifth Ave., are scheduled for trial July 11 and July 12.

Carmona-Hernandez is charged with second-degree assault, riot and harassment for allegedly swinging a stick at a person and threatening to kill a different person.

Corona, who allegedly ordered his friends to "rush" the victims, is accused of riot.

Three youths face trial June 8 in the court's Juvenile Department.

Johnny Gonzalez, 17, of 1166 W. Elm St., is charged with second-degree assault and riot. Antonio Carmona-Hernandez, 17, of 308 N. Sixth Ave., and Bernardo Fernandez, 17, of 710 N. Ninth Ave. each faces a riot charge.

Gonzalez is accused of swinging a crowbar at two people, and Antonio Carmona-Hernandez and Fernandez are suspected of arming themselves with knives, sticks or rocks.

The defendants are not in custody pending the outcome of their cases.


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