Green tip of the week - 05/10/11


Reducing throwaways is one of the keys to sustainable living. Using durable products with reduced packaging can make a significant difference in conservation of resources and avoiding pollution.

Be sure to use reusable grocery bags, reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, cloth towels and napkins, and durable plates and utensils whenever possible.

Packaging and containers make up the largest portion of trash generated, nearly 78 million tons in 2007!

If you forget to bring your own bag and only have a couple of items to purchase, say "No" when the merchant asks you if you want a bag. Keep reusable grocery bags on the front seat of your car, where you'll remember to bring them.

Where only throwaways are available, bring your own reusable utensils, tableware, water bottles, cups, and cloth napkins.

Don't buy bottled water; buy yourself and your family members good quality water bottles.

Planting tip: Now is the time to begin planting all varieties of summer vegetables.

It's our world. vIf we use resources more thoughtfully, we'll all benefit.

From Sustainable Walla Walla and the WWCC Go Green Club. More tips at


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