Port of Columbia commissioners are Lawrence Turner, Gene Warren and Dale McKinley. With all present Wednesday morning commissioners:

  • LEASE: Signed open land lease with Myrick Construction for material storage in the industrial park. Unanimous.
  • MARINA: Learned the well project is complete. The back-up well is in operation for the first since 1995, and is being used for irrigation. Signed an amended lease with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to change the maximum stay allowed by RV campers from 2 weeks to 30 days. Unanimous.
  • LYONS FERRY PARK: Learned the exit inspection of the Lyons Ferry Park is not finalized, but the Port will be released from its lease by June 30.
  • PCC RAILROAD: Reviewed state Department of Transportation bridge repair amendment contract. The DOT will repair two bridges and do some tie repair on the portion of the railroad between Prescott and Walla Walla. Commissioners authorized Port manager Jennie Dickinson to sign the contract. Unanimous.
  • BLUE MOUNTAIN STATION: Discuss commencement of Phase 1 Infrastructure Project. Dickinson told commissioners the work is going very well, and the contractor is doing a conscientious job. She also noted the excavation has resulted in a large amount of excess topsoil which is for sale to the public. Inquiries should be made to the Port office. Buyers will have to load and haul the dirt.
  • CIRCUS: Discussed Carson and Barnes Circus, which will be located at the Blue Mountain Station site June 30.
  • LEASE: Discussed options for financing of Industrial Building 7, planned for lease to Tucannon Meats. Seven bids were received for the project, but were not accepted because bids were 25 percent higher than expected, Dickinson said. Port officials and the owners of Tucannon Meats will meet to consider alternatives.

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Learned Dickinson had provided maps and other information on Blue Mountain Station to the group that is installing fiber optic lines in the area.

  • SEWEDA: Learned Duane Wollmuth announced his resignation as executive director of the Southeast Washington Economic Development Association at the SEWEDA board meeting Tuesday.


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