LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Words of Founding Fathers weren't parsed


The "Gunfight at the Second Amendment Corral" continues. Fortunately, I have the Founding Fathers' words on my side. (They did shoot straight, both figuratively speaking and literally.)

I've enjoyed the sometimes-clever and humorous prose of Paul McCaw, though rarely agreeing with his political bent. However, his recent letter (The government is not our enemy, May 5) was neither clever nor humorous. I'll keep my response civil.

The insinuation that my opinion might somehow be relative in any way to those of (racist/white nationalist) David Duke, (late Nazi sympathizer) Richard Butler or the (white supremacist) Aryans -- due to pointing out the Founders' reasons for the Second Amendment -- is preposterous. That's because there is no one on this planet who is more free from racial prejudice and bigotry than myself.

As an avid student of history, I do agree that the Civil War carries many lessons.

However, there is no comparison between the Second Amendment issue and war between one group of states to prevent another group of slave-holding states from seceding.

No government will ever forcibly subjugate over 80 million citizens who are armed as Americans are today. To think otherwise is naive.

No, the government now is not our enemy and hopefully never will be. Yet, the Founders' infringement-free guarantee of an armed population being the final line of defense to counter a possible constitutional Republic-turned-oligarchy is a fact.

Their exact words about this were not "parsed" by me as Mr. McCaw stated, but were quoted exactly and very clearly. Anyone with a basic education in reading comprehension should easily understand them.

Study the quotes I submitted. While at it, note that I didn't "seek to convince anyone to prepare for insurrection" nor tell anyone to "stockpile weapons."

I've supported our government ever since school-kid days when I pedaled my bike out to the old WWII airport tower on Saturdays with the Ground Observer Corps to log aircraft passing over our town.

Of course, I didn't save Walla Walla from sneaky Soviet bombers then nor save America during my later 32 years of government service (mostly overseas from South Vietnam to Beirut to Desert Storm) but I have and continue to support our government and Constitution.

Don't try to pin anti-government labels on those who are not.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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