Green tip of the week - 05/17/11


As you walk along trails or sidewalks, help keep them clean by picking up any trash you find.

Be sure to carry a plastic bag along with you to pick up and dispose of your own pet droppings.

Do your part as a proactive citizen to keep our communities and environment clean and safe through your own immediate action when possible. Inform authorities of damage or unsafe conditions in parks and other places, .

Cleaning up the world and protecting public resources is everyone's responsibility. Citizen efforts save local governments money and can make the difference between a neglected community and healthy one.

Gardening tip: When thinning for proper spacing, consider offering your neighbors the thinned plants for transplanting, saving them time and money, and increasing the harvest.

It's our world. If we share responsibility and resources, we'll all be better off.

From Sustainable Walla Walla and the WWCC Go Green Club. More tips at


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