National Guard members get notice of possible call-up

Local soldiers are among those in the 81st Brigade Combat Team, which received notice of a potential deployment.


About 3,000 Washington Army National Guard members, including some from Walla Walla, have been notified of a possible call-up to active duty.

The "notice of sourcing" from the Department of Defense went out to the 81st Brigade Combat Team, which includes members of the 181st Brigade Support Battalion based in Walla Walla.

The notice also went to the 506 Military Police Company, Washington Army National Guard Capt. Keith Kosik said in a release.

Officials emphasized no decision has been made to deploy the units. The notice indicates a particular unit is being considered for a mission. If a unit is designated to prepare for a mission, it will receive an alert order and if it is required to mobilize, it will then receive a mobilization order.

Kosik said National Guard leaders met with unit members this past weekend to talk about the notice and what it may mean.

"We try to set a balance that this is not set in stone, but that people should be ready for whatever happens," he said today.

There are about 30 members of Detachment 2, Echo Company, 181st Brigade Support Battalion, based at the Walla Walla National Guard Armory. The 81st Brigade Combat Team draws soldiers from all over Washington state and includes soldiers from California.

Thirty-nine National Guard members based in Walla Walla deployed with the 81st Brigade when it went to Iraq in August 2008 for a one-year tour of duty. The unit previously served in Iraq from March 2004 to March 2005.


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