LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Friday concert will benefit Heart to Heart


As co-producers of the event, Julie Jones and I want to offer appreciation for the U-B's recent coverage of the upcoming concert by the nationally renowned Seattle Women's Chorus.

This concert, Friday at 7 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, is a benefit to support the clients of Blue Mountain Heart to Heart, the region's sole HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C care and prevention agency.

As your readers likely know, federal and state funding for agencies such as BMH2H has been cut drastically recently creating a threat not only to current clients, but to those who may, without proper education and support, become clients in the future.

At particular risk are our youths who often believe HIV/AIDS, in particular, is a disease that happens to others, mostly in Third-World countries and/or, can be cured by medication.

The message they need to receive, loud and clear, is that while HIV/AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence, it remains an existence-altering life sentence.

The "other" message of this concert by the Seattle Women's Chorus is one of compassion, understanding and acceptance of all human beings as valuable members of our society. We are pleased to be joined in sponsoring this concert by Seattle-based Pride Foundation.

Also important is the medium of the message -- music. SWC is half of the largest community chorus in the United States.

Performing regularly at Seattle venues such as Benaroya Hall and the Paramount Theatre, SWC is a major musical force which, with its male counterpart, reaches some 2.7 million live audience members each year.

In its Southeastern Washington debut, SWC will feature music by women and about women taken from pop, Broadway and country.

This concert will be family friendly and fun and features not only a five-minute version of "The Sound of Music," but also the song stylings of the SWC small ensemble, Sensible Shoes.

Admission is free with contributions invited to support Blue Mountain Heart to Heart.

Again, it's 7 p.m. Friday at First Congregational Church in downtown Walla Walla.

We hope to have an enthusiastic turnout and appreciate the U-B for its kind support.

Parke Thomas

Walla Walla


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