In the minutes - Athena City Council


Members of the Council are Eric Pickard, LaVerne Mitchell, John Shafer, Deborah Hayward and Carol Speed. Mayor is Charles Vickery. With all present Thursday:

  • OATH OF OFFICE: Judge Jim Barrows was sworn in as Municipal Court judge by Vickery.
  • BYLAWS: Discussed Planning Commission bylaws. Changes will be brought back to the next Council meeting.
  • MAIN STREET: Took final vote on revised 2012 Oregon Department of Transportation Main Street Project. The Council recommended the driveway at the One Stop not be changed. Unanimous.
  • CONTRACT: Approved renewal of the cemetery clerical contract for 2011-2012. Unanimous.
  • HIRING: Discussed City Hall hiring transition plan. City Recorder Dyann Swanson has announced she will retire at the end of November. The Council decided to advertise for an assistant city recorder beginning in the first week of August.
  • BUSINESS LICENSE: Approved business license application from Livia Hegdal, beauty operator, 210 E. Main St. Unanimous.
  • BUDGET COMMITTEE: Vickery appointed Kevin Fernalld to the budget committee.
  • POLICE: Learned an Athena patrol car will be in the memorial parade in Pendleton.
  • STREET CLOSURE: Approved request from the owners of the Athena Grocery Store to close Third Street from Main to VanBuren streets during Farmer's Markets. The markets will be held June 15, 25, July 9, Aug. 13, Sept. 10 and Oct. 8. Unanimous.


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