Video lands Walla Walla family new set of wheels

Alyssa and Alexis Stremcha's 'A Mini Blizzard Celebration' has been named one of six winners in a nationwide contest. The prize? A Mini Cooper.


WALLA WALLA -- Some spirited singing and dancing has paid off in a major way for a local family.

Ross and Jennifer Stremcha, along with their daughters Alyssa and Alexis, have been notified their video entry in a contest to promote Dairy Queen's Mini Blizzard treat was voted one of six winners in the national competition.

The payout will be a new BMW Mini Cooper Countryman automobile, which will be presented to the family in June.

Although official results haven't been posted yet, Jennifer Stremcha said they were notified by e-mail Monday that the family was one of the winners. The video was one of 24 finalists selected from among more than 350 entries.

The family's entry, titled "A Mini Blizzard Celebration," featured Alyssa, 11, and Alexis, 8, singing and dancing their way through a series of good deeds in line with contest rules that called for contestants doing nice things for someone "that treats them in a big Mini Blizzard way." Although only slightly more than two minutes long, producing the clip required "probably four to five hours of filming time and 15 hours of editing time," Jennifer said earlier this month.

The 24 finalists were chosen by a seven-member panel of judges. Those videos were then posted online so fans and friends could vote for their favorites.

Jennifer said today her daughters were ecstatic about the win.

"They were so excited," she said. "They were screaming and running around the house."

Unfortunately, due to their ages, they won't be able to drive the prize around anytime soon.

"Well, I've told them you can sit in my lap and steer it around in the parking lot," Jennifer said with a laugh.

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