Donor antes up $7,000 to help agency bridge gap


WALLA WALLA -- The city continues to be a community that responds to immediate need, says Lawson Knight of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation.

On Thursday, a story in the Union-Bulletin highlighted a shortfall in Helpline's rental assistance fund.

The agency offers food, rental, transportation and utility assistance to Walla Walla's at-risk population. However, funding to help families pay for housing was exhausted early this year and more federal aid will not be available until the new fiscal year begins July 1, agency Executive Director Dan Willms said.

Needed to fill the gap was more than $7,000, he said.

On Friday, an anonymous donor gave $7,000 to Knight to be taken to Helpline and a check for $250 also arrived at the social service agency.

It was a case of Walla Walla doing what Walla Walla does best, Knight said. "One of the greatest quality-of-life assets that we enjoy is the generosity of our citizenry."

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