The weekly rave - 05/31/11


It happened again!!! My husband and I were shopping at Macy's when a stranger, noticing Murray's Navy cap, reached out his hand and thanked him for his service to our country in WW11. Where ever we have been,you also are there - restaurants, parking lots, the Fair, Pioneer Park, and local businesses. Recently, while on vacation at Wallowa Lake young man ran over to Murray, thanked him and called his wife and three children over to meet a hero of WW11. He asked his family to shake Murray's hand and thank him. His youngest son, a precious little boy of about seven, looked intently at Murray and asked, "Did you get hurt?" It is with grateful hearts that we acknowledge all of these acts of kindness from strangers. Our daughter, Karen Alaniz, has written a book to be released in November, about her Father's war experiences in intercepting the Japanese Katakana code. -"Breaking the Code - A Daughter's Journey Into Her Father's Secret War".

Bettye Fisher

Walla Walla


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