LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Barbara Clark is as good as gold


These are difficult times, the kind that have prompted many of us to regard the future of our Valley with added anxiety.

As the past few years on the national stage have made plain, when the going gets tough, it is all too common for those in power to retreat to their respective corners, dig in and find false courage in simply toeing the party line.

While this might make for good politics, it rarely results in forward-looking policies. These missed opportunities are especially deflating when the challenges facing communities across our country mushroom precisely as the resources available to meet them are in free fall.

Times like these require especially strong leadership. How fortunate we are to have a committed individual such as Barbara Clark serving our community.

For over a decade she has worked hard and smart to make our city government a competent and responsive servant to us all. Barbara realizes that a stand-up community is one where people are valued and involved. Her priorities reflect a range of issues that serve to strengthen our community.

Specifically, Barbara has accomplished the critical priorities of defending mass transit, supporting small business development, promoting emergency preparedness and sustaining our local library systems. Her leadership on these issues has played a decisive role.

When the future seems uncertain we are wise to sift the past for those nuggets relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Barbara's sound judgment, problem solving and focus upon the big picture are all such nuggets. They leave me optimistic about the prospects of our Valley.

Please join me in re-electing Barbara Clark to the Walla Walla City Council.

J.R. Van Slyke
Walla Walla


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