LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Barlow Corkrum will bring openness


Please vote for Barlow Corkrum for Port commissioner to bring much needed transparency to the Port's financial workings.

Washington state law RCW 53.12.260 says that port commissioners of port districts with revenues of $25 million or less should receive a salary of $200 per month, plus $90 per day spent attending meetings and performing port duties, not to exceed $8,640 per year, adjusted for inflation. The Port of Walla Walla has an annual budget of $12 million.

This law also allows port commissioners to set the compensation to be paid to commissioners, though nearly all Washington port districts simply follow state law. Our part-time elected Walla Walla Port commissioners decided those elected to that office will be paid up to $750 per month, plus up to $9,984 per year for attending Port meetings and performing Port duties.

Our current Port commissioners also voted to give Port Executive Director Jim Kuntz an 11 percent pay increase for this year. In addition, the Port of Walla Walla pays for meals for Port commissioners and Port employees at Port meetings.

Seattle Port commissioners, with a budget of over $500 million, are paid only $500 per month, plus the Seattle Port Commission has a policy that does not allow for reimbursing meals among and between Port employees.

In tight financial times, we need elected officials who are careful with our money. Barlow Corkrum will bring financial integrity and much needed openness to the Walla Walla Port Commission.

Kathleen Guichard
Walla Walla


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