LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Corkrum has passion for making things better


Barlow Corkrum has been a close friend of mine for over 40 years, so I believe that gives me a unique perspective on the qualities that make him a great candidate for the Port of Walla Walla Commission.

When Barlow and I were in high school we volunteered to assist children with developmental disabilities. We had the opportunity to work with Mary Lassa who taught us compassion and patience and to not lose hope, particularly after having to return to "square one" when things didn't work the first time.

That experience left an indelible mark on both of us. We still talk about it today.

More recently I witnessed Barlow providing comfort and support to his aging parents during their final years. He also was there for his wife, Dalia, when her son passed away a few years ago.

This is a man who cares as deeply about his community as he does his loved ones. He has a passion for making things better, not just for his family, but for those around him. He truly cares about this Valley and the people who inhabit it, and he has a keen ability to sense things that aren't right.

Barlow is fair and honest. Nothing riles him more than people who misrepresent the truth, whether in private business or as government officials. He believes that personal and professional integrity are paramount virtues.

Please join me in voting for Barlow Corkrum for Port of Walla Walla commissioner. Our community will be well served by his honesty and integrity.

Terry Willcuts
Walla Walla


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