LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Even Barlow Corkrum's critics admire him


Over the last few weeks observations have been made about Barlow Corkrum and his run for the Walla Walla Port Commission seat. Even his biggest critics cannot escape saying they admire him in one way or another.

Ken Jantz, a former Port commissioner, said recently that Mr. Corkrum's plan to recruit Walla Walla alumni back to Walla Walla to reinvest in the community is "a good idea."

R.L. McFarland, a citizen who attends Port meetings, said in praise of Barlow, "Mr. Corkrum is dedicated ... and I admire him for his passion and dedication."

The fact that Mr. Corkrum's critics cannot help but express their admiration for him, speaks volumes. I, too, admire Mr. Corkrum for his passion, dedication and good ideas. Therefore, I will be voting for Corkrum on Nov. 8.

Tony Hepler
Walla Walla


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