LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Jenkins dedicated to helping Walla Walla


I think Mary Lou Jenkins would make a good Walla Walla City Council person. She is a good friend and I have known her and her family for a long time.

Our families moved here from the same part of Texas, and we grew up together in Walla Walla. Her father was a well-known man among the Hispanic community. He was the very first Hispanic local radio disc jockey back in the '60s and he used to read the U-B and translate the news into Spanish for his listeners.

Mary Lou later followed in her dad's footsteps by opening, owning and operating the first Spanish-language radio station in Walla Walla. Her brothers and sisters were also raised in Walla Walla. They went on to have careers in service professions, including law enforcement, education, health care and small business.

She knows the problems of operating a small business, dealing with the budget demands of a nonprofit agency and educating the youth of our community. Because of her exposure to such a wide variety of jobs, her ideas may be helpful for the City Council.

Mary Lou is also well-known as a volunteer for many organizations over the past 30 years, which shows her dedication to helping Walla Walla. We need someone like Mary Lou on the Council.

Please vote for Mary Lou Jenkins for Walla Walla City Council, Position 7.

Regino "Joe" Perez
Walla Walla


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