LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Reasonable regulation needed on boiler emissions


The Oct. 26 editorial in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin got it right: "Yes, pollution should be reduced, but it must be done with reasonable regulation and at a realistic pace."

Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Doc Hastings understand this, and voted for legislation that would put the brakes on burdensome EPA boiler regulations. I appreciate their support.

Known as Boiler MACT, the rules rely on emission control technology that doesn't exist, threaten living-wage American jobs, and actually discourage the use of renewable biomass energy.

Without a healthy manufacturing sector no nation or economy can thrive or prosper.

The value of what we produce is directly linked to the value of our currency, our GDP, the health and purchasing power of the middle-class backbone of society and the very future of our nation. Outsourcing, predatory foreign competition and other factors have already taken a huge toll on the health of this vital segment of our economy.

A further decline would hinder, if not prohibit, our economic recovery. The unintended consequences of burdensome regulation such as EPA Boiler MACT are too numerous to mention but directly effect all of us.

I urge Sens. Cantwell and Murray to support the Senate version of the bill, S 1392.

The bipartisan bill will allow our industry more time to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to rewrite the rules in such a way that benefits the environment without threatening jobs. This legislation would simply guarantee EPA the time it stated it needs to rewrite the current Boiler MACT rules.

The bill does not exempt boiler owners from regulation, and no one is asking to be exempt. We need reasonable regulations that protect the public health and American manufacturing jobs here at home.

This issue is vitally important to our mill, our company and our county. Please join me in encouraging our senators' support of this legislation that will benefit everyone.

Len M. McLane

Millwright, AWPPW Local No. 69 member

Boise Inc.'s Wallula Pulp and Paper Mill



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