LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Visit to Fort Walla Walla Museum was trip back in time


Holidaying from Vancouver Island, Canada, my husband and I want to congratulate your community on its many fine tourist attractions, most notably Fort Walla Walla.

Although the reconstructed pioneer settlement is very interesting, we were astounded at the high caliber of the exhibits in the halls. So many things caught our attention: The "Stars and Stripes" collection, the native artifacts, the quilts, the hats and dresses, etc.

Having been raised on a northern Saskatchewan farm, the exhibits on farming were particularly interesting. I was only a wee tyke when tractors and combines displaced threshing machines, but I felt transported back in time.

Saskatchewan equipment was a far cry from the Harris combine pulled by the 33-mule team. Our farmers used a thrashing machine like yours, however, they stacked sheaves first and then forked them onto the belt. They did not sack grain; rather, hauled it in wagons to the nearby elevators and from there via rail to ports. They never had a mobile kitchen but the women folk certainly cooked huge meals for the crews.

However, the entire museum and the people who have obviously worked conscientiously to bring it up to its present status deserve accolades. Well done, Walla Walla.

Carolyn Redl

Parksville, B.C., Canada


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