LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - The Socialist-Democratic new whine song


I was watching the "Five " on FOX News where super liberal Bob Beckel was whining about the top 1 percent's income over the last three decades has gone up 275 percent and the lowest of the 99 percent had only gone up 20 percent. It seems this is going to be the new attack platform of the Socialist-Democrats and it got me to thinking.

First, where did the wealth come from and who got it? The U.S. has a little over 300 million residents and so 1 percent equals a little over 3 million who got this 275 percent. I started doing my homework to see how it got so disproportionate and here is what I found.

Much of the wealth went to computer and Internet folks who happen to be at the right place, at the right time in history. Microsoft, Bill Gates and associates pulled many people up to millionaire, multi-millionaire, billionaire and multi-billionaire status.

Intel and many of the high-tech companies did the same. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo, etc., have done the same, since Al Gore invented the Internet. This is where the 275 percent mostly came from. Is this inequality or Yankee ingenuity and capitalism at its best? Today on the Internet they listed 11 of the country's youngest billionaires and guess where almost all made their money?

Now for the 20 percent, why do they not poll better? Could it be that the 12 million illegals, school drop outs, drug heads and people who just won't work make up this segment?

I'm sorry but socialism in any form, communism, fascism, Nazism or any other "ism' is doomed too fail. You want examples, look at Russia, Cuba where 50 years of communism has failed miserably and for a more recent example, Venezuela where the government nationalized the petroleum industry and the production dropped in half.

The workers who would work and produce lost incentive to work any harder than the non-workers as it did not reward them for their labors.

This is why capitalism has made this the greatest, richest and most rewarding country on Earth.

The only thing this country ever guaranteed to anyone is that if you want to try harder to excel and become rich, you can not be discriminated against for your religion, color, sex, national origin or sexual orientation!

Robert Jackson
Walla Walla


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