LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New license plates unnecessary


I recently received an auto license renewal bill from the state Department of Licensing that stated at the top of the bill in bold letters, "It's time to renew your tabs for license plate number XXXXXX."

However, as I checked the rest of the bill I got a big surprise. I don't get to renew my vehicle tabs but I am required to get new license plates with new plate numbers for $20. Furthermore, if I want to keep the same plate number I cannot keep my current plates, but I must pay an additional $20 for new plates with the current number.

My current plates are in good shape and renewed tabs would suffice. However, I am required to get new plates and if I want to keep the current plate number I am required to pay $40.

This is an unnecessary expense.

Dean Lodmell
Walla Walla


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