LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - College Place building plans center on new Davis School


Recently the U-B published an article regarding the College Place school facility bond.

In the article, the U-B reported that in April the College Place School District is going to run a bond to build a new College Place high school. Unfortunately, this statement was not accurate.

The College Place School Board's entire conversation about facilities centers on a new Davis Elementary School. Without this new building, none of the rest of the facility conversation can take place, make sense, or is really meaningful.

The School Board has taken the responsibility to run a bond to replace the Davis Elementary School building and to modify Meadow Brook to function as a middle school. At the Nov. 1 School Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to reconfigure the grade structure within the school district. After years of input, the Board passed a motion to reconfigure the district as follows: Davis Elementary as a preschool-fifth grades, the current Meadow Brook building as a sixth-eighth grade and the currently named Sager building as a high school for ninth through 12th grade. In addition, the Board passed a resolution to place a districtwide facilities bond on the April 17, 2012, ballot.

Because the Board has chosen to focus on the elementary and middle schools first, it allows the district to open up current space at the Sager building for an emerging high school. At the end of the 2011 calendar year, the College Place School District will have no bond debt. Because of this factor, and the possible Walla Walla High School bond, the Board feels this is the best time to address our building needs.

An important piece to remember is that the College Place School District is responsible for any Wa-Hi building bond that Walla Walla voters approve. That percentage is equal to the percentage of students coming from the College Place. For example, if 20 percent of Wa-Hi students are from the College Place School District, then the district would be responsible for 20 percent of the debt.

It is the feeling of the School Board that the voters of the College Place School District would like to have the ability to voice where and how their tax dollars are used/spent.

The Board appreciates the support from the Walla Walla School District administration.

It has been very supportive of the College Place School District having its own high school. The College Place School Board feels this is an exciting time for educating our kids in the Valley.

The School Board looks forward to sharing the details of this plan in the coming weeks.

Doug Case

College Place School Board chairman



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