Counterfeit $20 bills turn up in College Place, Walla Walla


WALLA WALLA -- Area merchants are cautioned to be alert for fake $20 bills after counterfeit currency turned up at several local businesses. Fakes have been reported at McDonald's and Sun Mart in Walla Walla, and Walmart in College place.

So far, only counterfeit $20s have been reported, according to Officer Tim Bennett, spokesman for the Walla Walla Police Department.

"Counterfeit currency isn't unheard of in Walla Walla, with a few cases reported each year." Bennett said.

According to Detective Roger Maidment of the College Place Police Department, the phony bills passed at Walmart match the bills that turned up in Walla Walla. Maidment said College Place and Walla Walla detectives are working on the case together.

The phony $20s appear to be washed to make them appear older, and they do not have a security strip, according to Bennett. The bills also do not change color when held at different angles, as real currency would. Business owners are encouraged to report any fake bills to police.


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