In the minutes - WAITSBURG COUNCIL


Council member are Kevin House, Orville Branson, Marty Dunn, Karl Newell and Scott Nettles. Student representative is Fletcher Baker. Mayor is Walt Gobel. With Newell absent Wednesday the council:

  • HEARINGS: Following a public hearing, approved an ordinance for a NoaNet franchise. Unanimous.

  • TAXES: Following a public hearing on setting the property tax rate for 2012, passed a resolution to set the tax at the same rate as 2011. Unanimous.

  • RATE STUDY: Discussed water and sewer rate study. Will review utility rates in January.

  • DRUG DELIVERY: Decided to discontinue Jan. 1, 2012 the city's contribution for prescription drug delivery in by Elk Drug in Dayton. Presently Elk Drug pays $600 a year for the service, and the city picks up the rest of the cost, which is between $95 and $115 per month. Unanimous.

  • FLOOD PLAN: Conducted annual review of the flood response plan.

  • PERSONNEL MANUAL: Adopted updates to the personnel manual. Unanimous.

  • BMX TRACK: Accepted an offer of $300 from the Lions Club for maintenance of the BMX track located between First Street and the Touchet River west of Main Street. The track will stay open during 2012 and then be reevaluated. Unanimous.

  • CODE: Approved ordinance to update municipal code. Unanimous.


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