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There have been many articles in the newspaper and letters to the editor about the agreement between the Walla Walla Rural Library District and the City of Walla Walla. Some of the articles and letters to the editor have had misstatements, inaccuracies and untruths.

The truth of the matter is that the Walla Walla Rural Library District has subsidized the library of the city of Walla Walla far beyond the usage of the Rural Library District's taxpayers and cannot continue to do so.

The WALNET library consortium hired a consultant, Ruth Metz Associates, to come to Walla Walla County to study library services offered. This report, Pathways to Sustainable Libraries: Walla Walla County, is available to read online at wwrurallibrary.com or at scribd.com/doc/59065930/23/WALNET .

As a member of Walla Walla Rural Library District's Board of Trustees I invite you to read the report yourself. In the reading you will see a detailed history of local library services.

Ms. Metz has noted in charts and text the fact that the city is not paying its fair share to fund a library for a city of its size and instead is depending on the rural library district's yearly contract to take up the slack.

In addition to running five branch libraries in the county, the Walla Walla Rural Library District has paid the City of Walla Walla a generous contract for county patrons who want to use the Walla Walla Public Library services. For the year 2012, they have offered a contract of $200,000, which is $11,592 more than the 2011 contract. As of this date the City of Walla Walla has not accepted the offer.

What is going to happen to your library card? The Rural Library District has plans to keep you "Booked Up," knee deep in books; bestsellers, old favorites and any title you desire to read. Yes, it can do that! In addition to books and materials available at our five branches, we subscribe to an interlibrary loan program where we can share resources from libraries throughout the state.

Visit the district's website at wwrurallibrary.com and check out the latest information about library services for county residents.

Patsy Adams Warnock


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