LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - A grave threat to the nation


As a country, America has always embraced realistic immigration; however, the rapid demographic change in the U.S. is a result of improper screening and not setting realistic immigration quotas in order to allow for proper assimilation.

This permissive irresponsibility is now becoming a grave threat, not only to our culture but our very sovereignty. In addition to illegal immigration, there is de facto exportation of other countries' criminal element, made possible through our porous borders.

Today we are beginning to see the recent change, as a result of self-interest single-minded voting habits of not only immigrants but a growing constituency that is drifting away from support of the private sector and free enterprise, along with the abandonment of personal responsibility. Conversely, they embrace the out-of-balance rewards in the public sector, along with socialistic freebees for the undeserving.

History has proven that the lack of assimilation by multiple diverse ethnic and special interest groups encourages tension, riots and ultimately the balkanization of a country. Recent case in point is the chaos experienced in the Balkans and now the Middle East, soon to be joined by France.

I ask you, is this disturbing scenario soon to invade our shores and replace our culture with something entirely foreign and undesirable? Remember, it's a numbers game, and it only takes 50 percent plus one in our democratic form of government to totally eliminate the culture we most cherish, as well as those attributes that made this country great.

Tony Hepler

Walla Walla


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