LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - A parking garage downtown?


It was stated there could be between 89 to 208 parking spaces added downtown with a new parking garage. The overall cost would be $20,000 to $30,000 per stall. The cost estimate is between $3.8 million and $6 million.

On Second Avenue and Sumach Street there is a large parking lot. It's on the market, and within two blocks of downtown. Why can't a parking garage be constructed at that site?

Oh, by the way, construction at the proposed site would eliminate the now existing 64 parking spaces.

Why not contact the Elks and see what could be done with its large parking lot?

I don't know, why not try a door-to-door bus service. If half of the downtown used this service that would free up around 1,100 parking spaces.

Offer this service at a modest cost, less pollution, less traffic and happier shoppers and tourists besides less wear on your personal car.

And always with bright ideas comes the usual it won't work because I didn't think of it first, or how am I supposed to get the baby to the sitter, or do my shopping on the way home. As always there are questions to every idea or solutions, that's why we have the Downtown Foundation and City Council to give us the answers.

A quiet prayer doesn't hurt either.

As usual they pick the place with the most rocks to dig a hole with a shovel that has a handle too short to reach the bottom of the hole.

2,200 employees, 1,264 parking spaces - 936 needed.

A possible 89 spaces, 208 spaces or perhaps 272 spaces.

As the old golfer said, that's par for the course. Or like the midget said, I'm a little short.

Rex W. Miller Sr.

College Place


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