LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - I didn't do it and you didn't do it


With jobs hard to find, a bleak economy, a national debt beyond belief, politicians who cannot get along, and a government that is reaching far into our lives, I just want you to know I didn't cause this, and neither did you. But I do know who did.

There are 546 people who are completely responsible for the fix we are in. They are the U.S representatives, senators, president, vice president and justices of the Supreme Court. They have made all the decisions about how taxes are collected, and made all the decisions about how those taxes are spent. I didn't do it and neither did you.

They have robbed Social Security, given billions of dollars to foreign governments that hate us, wasted billions on programs that don't work, forced the U.S. Postal Service to spend more than it makes, and given billions to banks that are corrupt. I didn't do it and neither did you.

After watching the Jack Abramoff interview on "60 Minutes," I wanted to throw up. It really makes you wonder if there are any honest politicians out there, and if there are, their hands are tied. How can a U.S. representative do the right thing when the wrong thing is dangled in front of them with perks and benefits beyond belief.

Many people believe if you vote into office too many new people it makes it difficult because it takes years to learn how to do the government's business. No, they learn right away, as soon as the lobbyists get a hold of them.

I don't have any instant solutions, but since I know you nor I haven't caused the problem, I will do the only thing I can, and so should you. Don't darken the spot next to an incumbent on your next ballot. As much as you might like the incumbents or even know them personally, just remember, they did it - not you or me.

Dan R. Clark

Walla Walla


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