LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sharia law should not be accepted


OK, here we go. If sharia law is allowed in our courts, we are in for a lot of trouble! We will have our courtrooms filled with men who have killed their wives or daughters. It won't be wrong because in sharia law, it's allowed.

Sharia law has no business in the U.S.! I am not going to bow to terrorists from other countries who want to tear America down! This is our country, and our rights under our Constitution.

If anyone does not like our way of life and our law, they should leave, and take their sharia law with them! Our laws rule here and we should not be giving in to those who want to establish any other law. We can't go to other countries and tell them to change their laws, so we should not allow that to happen here!

Obama has no business being president! He has no idea how to be commander-in-chief! He would rather be a dictator! Does he want his wife and daughters to live under sharia law? Looks like he does!

Well, I refuse to live that way. I won't stand for it!

I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. There is only one God, and in him we trust, and in him we stand!

Arlene Hiatt



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