LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Walla Walla already a partner in education


As many of you know, Focus on Education in the state of Washington was last week. It coincided this year with the 90th anniversary of American Education Week.

It was an opportunity for schools to invite community members into our schools for a first-hand look at what's happening, to see the work we do teaching and the work our students do learning.

As the superintendent of Wenatchee stated, this is an opportunity for the "...public to reattach and re-engage with one of the most critical foundation blocks of our society and our democracy…our public schools."

However, in Walla Walla, I would disagree. Our community is already attached and engaged. Just recently a parent from Edison was re-elected to the School Board, a volunteer position; our community is supporting the production of Radium Girls at Wa-Hi; and Albertson's donated $1,000 to Blue Ridge Elementary School and the district's preschool program.

Last week numerous senior citizens and elected officials will participate in the learning at Green Park and Edison elementary schools. They also enjoyed the annual turkey dinner, which they ate with students!

This is in addition to all the community volunteers who participate in classrooms on a daily basis. I am a second-grade teacher at Edison and had a new volunteer join us Monday. She is not going south this winter so she needed another place to volunteer. She volunteers two days a week at Providence St. Mary Medical Center but wanted to work with children. She will come each Monday to help with math time and other things. She is 90 years old!

So reattach, re-engage? Not in Walla Walla. In Walla Walla our community is a vital partner in education.

Kay Barga

Walla Walla


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