Dentist charged with unprofessional conduct


WALLA WALLA - A city dentist has been charged by the state Department of Health with unprofessional conduct, stemming from a 2005 incident.
Randolph C. Pearson allegedly failed to notify a patient when Pearson failed to remove all the roots during a tooth extraction, according to the DOH's charging statement.

The allegation was put forth by the Department of Social and Health Services, officials said.

Pearson, who has practiced since 1977, has asked for an extension to file a legal response to the allegation, he said.

"The Department of Health complaint arises from an extraction of a single tooth which resulted in a less than ideal outcome. I regret the outcome was

less than ideal but strongly disagree with the allegation that the outcome was the result of unprofessional conduct," Pearson said in a prepared

statement. "Over the next few months I will be working with the Department of Health to resolve this issue."


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