In the minutes - GARFIELD COUNTY


Garfield County Commissioners are Dean Burton, Wynne McCabe and Robert Johnson. With all present Monday commissioners:

  • NOANET: Learned the Northwest Open Access Network is initially open to agencies that applied for hook-up to fiber optic internet access, including rural hospitals, libraries and schools. Chris Walker, of Northwest Open Access Network, told commissioners there will be a hub at the school that will allow a provider to establish fiber optic boxes for future hookups for business and homes. The initial installation is paid with a grant through the Federal stimulus program. Commissioner approved a resolution to grant a county-wide right of way easement to NoaNet. Unanimous.

  • PUBLIC HEALTH: Reviewed proposed fee schedule for 2012. Most fees will remain the same, but septic permits will increase.

  • VOLUNTARY STEWARDSHIP: County planner Don Brigham outlined the Voluntary Stewardship Program that was founded by th Ruckelshaus Center to provide alternatives for agriculture under the Growth Management Act. If the county decides to opt into the program, funding will be available to initiate discussion with farmers and ranchers about how farming and livestock affect critical areas. A public meeting will be scheduled during the week of Dec. 12 on the matter.

  • SEWEDA: Agreed to pay $100 in dues to the Southeast Washington Economic Development Association in 2012.

  • LEVY: Discussed how valuation of the wind turbines will affect property tax and the county's tax levy rate for current expense and roads.


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