Letters To The Editor - A free and moral agent


I don't belong to any political party. As Thomas Jefferson said, "To belong to a political party is the last degradation of a free and moral agent." I will not have my opinions dictated to me by any one or organization.

When I ponder the course of this great nation, and when I look back in history to see what defines a society (say Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, etc.), historians may make brief comments about their economy, but the real basis for defining a great society has always been, "how are the masses treated?"

Are the people who are the masses being taken care of in a responsible and inclusive manner? Do they have a say in the things that affect their daily lives? This is where we find ourselves today.

Will America be remembered as a great and just society for all or will we be remembered as a system that caters to the abilities of a few to manipulate themselves into positions of wealth and power? Is it through the use of what these few are trying to raise to such a level, as to worship it "as the objective of our existence on Earth," the economy?

We are now engaged in a battle that will not only define us as a people but also as a nation.

Our position in the annals of history is being fought right now. How would you like America to be remembered by future generations? These questions are more pertinent to our daily life right now than most people want to think about. The trouble is that the very existence of democracy in America is at stake.

We need to decide now whether we want to have a say in what happens in this country or if the decisions that control the daily lives of the people and the destiny of the nation (and democracy in the world) are up to the few who have only money in mind as the destination and definition of "what makes America great."

The battle that needs to be fought is not about our differences in some philosophical ideologies like if we are Democrats or Republicans or if we are conservative or progressive, it's multi-national mega-corporation vs. working class. They love having us bickering over minor, petty and self-defeating arguments so we won't pay attention to what they are doing.

Richard C. Hoffman
Walla Walla


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