Letters To The Editor - Time to change 'culture of corruption'


Americans have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to embracing interdependence and globalization, which has become a threat to our coveted way of life.

Politicians who are promoters of the new world order have effectively brainwashed the American public to abandon their own best interests through submission to political correctness, which is nothing more than "Marxist mind control."

In other instances, playing the race card is another tactic used against those who dare speak out against the so-called "progressive agenda" in order to effectively silence them through intimidation.

There are far too many elected officials in Washington, D.C., whose primary interest is to ensure they are re-elected and to enact legislation that will further their liberal agenda. Unfortunately, in many cases it involves costly dead-end projects in order to satisfy IOUs generated as a result of lobbyists' pressures for past contributions from contributors.

This totally irresponsible spending of taxpayers' money is not the type of representation they were elected to do. Self- serving action of this type not only increases the debt but is defiantly contrary to the best interest of this country.

There are three basic precepts of governance in the Constitution that we cannot allow to be eroded. These concepts involve: Representation, separation of power and limited government.

Come 2012, we need a major change in Washington, D.C., by electing commonsense statesmen and stateswomen who embrace the proven values that have made this country great, the least of which is adherence to the rule of law.

This will demand that we elect individuals of stature as opposed to those bereft of moral character, who are willing to sell out to special interest lobbyists, such as the 100 members of Congress who Jack Abramoff was able to corrupt for 30 pieces of silver.

We have allowed a "culture of corruption" to become the acceptable norm in Congress. Is it any wonder that members of Congress, with a $175,000 per year salaries, can become multi-millionaires seemingly overnight when they are allowed to exempt themselves from things such as insider trading and worse?

Daryl Schreiner
Walla Walla


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