Members of the Touchet School Board are Sandra Bradley, Robert Schaeffer, Mandy Thompson, Michael McCubbins and Darren Goble. With all present Tuesday the board:

  • RECOGNITION: Recognized out-going board member Sandra Bradley for serving nine years on the school board.
  • ENROLLMENT: Learned enrollment continues to remain at 246 full time equivalent.
  • FEDERAL & STATE CUTS: Learned the impact of recent federal program cuts is about $1,000. If the governor's proposal for levy equalization cuts is approved, Touchet School would lose 100 percent, or $116,000 in levy equalization funds.
  • ANNUAL YEARLY PROGRESS: Learned test scores for Touchet High School Students is above the state level in all areas.
  • EQUESTRIAN TEAM: Decided to wait until December to make a decision on whether to allow the Washington High School Equestrian Team to use the Touchet School District name for a local team.
  • ASB: Voted to recognize formation of a Knowledge Bowl Club. Unanimous.
  • POLICIES: Adopted policies related to affirmative action and prohibition of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Unanimous.
  • NEXT MEETING: The board will meet Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m., an hour earlier than the usual meeting time.


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