Letters To The Editor - Support of Planned Parenthood is disturbing


I was very surprised to discover all the businesses that supported the recent Planned Parenthood wine benefit; especially in light of all the scandal involving minors that has recently surrounded the organization.

Being the largest provider of abortions in the world should certainly be enough to make a business think twice about having its name associated with the highly controversial agency.

I made a call to my bank because it was listed as a sponsor of the Planned Parenthood event and expressed my discontent. I was told I had a right to have my own religious/moral views. I am very disturbed I must be choosey in finding a bank that agrees with my belief in the sanctity of human life. That doesn't seem to make good business sense to me.

There are plenty of real charities out there to support that wouldn't make customers feel morally compromised. In good conscience, I cannot directly support a business -- be it a winery, a construction firm or a bank -- that gives money to an organization that kills babies.

The whole list of sponsors can be found at www.thewallawallawineauction.com.

Terri Neal
Walla Walla


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