LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Government must find ways to eliminate waste rather than just cut budgets


When our governor makes the rounds to explain the need for a temporary sales tax increase I would assume she will also be selling one of the bridges in New York to help ease our state's financial burden.

Ever wonder how households are suppose to deal with additional tax burdens placed upon them by our state and local government? If we have a job are we suppose to turn to our employer and ask for a temporary wage increase?

I have a friend who lives in California who told me about a temporary increase in city utility rates that has been in effect for 35 years. I have heard a lot about temporary tax reductions but not much about temporary tax increases.

Most of our government spending has evolved during periods when our economy was healthy and tax revenue was plentiful. In those times of excess our elected leaders found places to spend our money. Now that times are tight they direct cuts to areas that reflect their short-sightedness.

Education may be a great place to make cuts but is that an intelligent place to keep looking? Our nation's future is dependent on future leaders and failing to educate them says something about our current decision-makers. I'm sure there is still some waste in education but the current reduction process doesn't go after the needed cuts.

Our federal and state government needs some trimming just like some of the large companies that expanded during good times. The initial stages of government reduction consisted of preserving government waste while private industry was forced to do the cutting. Now those in government doing the trimming need to look for the waste and remove it.

Across-the-board cuts often leave the waste intact and ease the burden of making difficult decisions. The objective should be to remove the waste rather than trying to preserve it with tax increases.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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