LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Weston voters should reject recall effort


In Weston less than 30 signatures can trigger a recall vote. On Dec. 6 the taxpayers will pay for a special recall election despite a normal mayor's election being held in less than one year.

For the last three years I have had the privilege of serving as your mayor. I take that position seriously and earnestly seek to improve our city. We have many accomplishments behind us and more projects we need to address, such as our water and sewer systems, sidewalks, historic city hall building and other livability issues.

We have improved the city's capability to handle the needs of the city. We faced an efficiency problem where in the past the city tried to save money by neglecting equipment maintenance and pushed equipment beyond its useful life. We have launched an efficiency upgrade where equipment when possible is being fixed or the city is acquiring new or used equipment.

This allows staff time to be spend completing projects that will benefit the city versus wasting taxpayers' dollars trying to continually fix the same apparatuses.

This initiative is saving thousands of operational dollars and all equipment decisions are being weighted on a cost-benefit basis.

The Police Department is handling nearly triple the incidents as compared to a few years ago. It has implemented new "data driven policing strategy" that places officers on duty when crime is occurring. It has successfully reduced night-time incidents and lowered summer juvenile crime by half.

Our officers continue their efforts in community policing strategies, working with our youths and outreach toward seniors and people with disabilities.

City finances are approved by a citizen-based budget committee and approved by the Council.

All departments are complying with their approved budget and operating within purchasing procedures. The Council is actively involved and monitors each department's finances.

The city pursues grants when available. The Police Department has been awarded over $40,000 for equipment upgrades, community outreach and juvenile programs. Public Works has been awarded over $20,000 in grants for an equipment building, snow plow and other equipment.

I am honored to be the mayor of Weston. The Council and staff are dedicated to improving the health and safety issues as well as overall livability. I am asking for your support and a no vote that will allow the regular election process to take place

Duane R. Thul



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