Letters To The Editor - Elected officials don't seem to understand situation


A while back I predicted when the elected officials started talking about raising the sales tax that it would cause residents to go to a store with no sales tax across the border. Sales tax revenue has declined!

Now they are talking about a budget shortfall and they could be raising the property taxes by 8.18 percent but will give us a break and only raise them 1 percent so they will only go up $30. But it sticks very clear in my mind that my property taxes increased by $300 last year!

This is the way that I interpreted this news from the U-B on the new increase and find it very disturbing in this economy.

When will these elected officials start to earn their inflated salaries (or start cutting their own incomes) and start to look for spending cuts and waste instead of raising taxes as the only solution?

It was discovered state government wasted over $1 million in a year on cellphones and use! I'm sure there are plenty of areas to explore and discover waste that would save multiple dollars.

With the cost of gas, groceries and normal expenses I don't know where they expect these tax increases will come from.

Also when they do cut the budget they always take away from the lower echelon such as the penitentiary, where they save the supervisors but lay off the guards. Do the supervisors go back on the floor to work or do they just have a smaller work force to supervise?

Maybe it's ignorance on my part to think they would get by with less supervisors than actual working people.

Normally if a family has a budget shortfall it cuts expenses without any option for outside help other than to take out a loan, but then that payment looms in the future and you still have to pay it back.

Leave it to our elite elected to just sit in their office chair, take trips to foreign places or schedule their meetings out of town and become lethargic!

And the final word is who has to pick up this tab along with the per diem costs -- the taxpayer!

Keep it up and the taxpayers will find other places to move to so they can at least live comfortably!

Myron Wallmow
Walla Walla


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