LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Technology could solve traffic woes


Deputy Martin and Sheriff Turner propose a new four-member traffic bureau dedicated full time to nabbing scofflaws on county roads. Its annual budget would be $325,000 plus "seed money" to cover start-up costs such as equipment and new cars. The unit will be self-supporting through fines from citations.

What happens if folks begin to heed the law, recession deepens and job losses cut travel?

County Public Works Director Randy Glaeser made it clear he doesn't favor funding the new bureau by diverting county road dollars as loans from their intended purpose of maintaining and improving county roads.

He asked Jesse Nolte, deputy prosecuting attorney, to research the legality of such a transaction.

At 86, I ought to be comfortable with the sheriff forming a posse of four cars and officers, but I am not.

In the 21st century scads of state-of-the-art methodology and systems can solve this problem more efficiently.

For one, the Global Positioning System seems like a neat choice. Monitoring traffic from an eye in the heavens instead of a car on a flat stretch of road just seems better.

Google sites include GPS companies that specialize in serving law enforcement efforts. I bet both dramatic cost reduction and improved effectiveness can be found there.

After installing a GPS program roadside warning signs - "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" - may diminish the problems.

William L. Kelly

Walla Walla


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