Sale a feather in group's cap

A weekend yard sale raised nearly $4,400 for the Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary.



Two sumo-wrestling, bobble-body figurines stayed unsold for most of a two-day yard sale, but were snapped up just before closing on Sunday.

WALLA WALLA -- It wasn't because of the salad shooter.

The Ultra Paw Rugged Dog Booties didn't bring in much either.

In fact, there were numerous items left over -- the glazed, carrot-shaped candy holder, the Spa Pro massage rock warmer, the blue Dutch maid toothbrush holder and the circa-1960s Thai classical dancer figurines.

Nevertheless, coordinators were cackling all day over the incredible nest egg brought in by the first Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary yard sale this weekend.

"I just can't believe the public support. This has been phenomenal," committee member Tammie Neve said.

On Saturday, the yard sale brought in $3,257. As expected Sunday was considerably slower, but at $1,130, plenty of church rummage sale coordinators would be envious.

"I would like to say thank you not only to the people who donated, but to the people who came, because it was a community effort," Neve said.

Hard as it is to believe, items like the sumo wrestler bobble-body figurines had very little to do with the success; at 1 p.m. on Sunday the two sumo wrestlers continued to bobble from their waist up, with no money to show but lots of laughs.

It didn't matter that there were still hundreds of smaller items left over.

What did matter was that all day Saturday people kept driving up and donating "quality items" to help save the aviary.

As soon as a never-used roof rack was placed out the lawn and sold, another person would come up with yet another valuable item, Neve said.

The total amount for the two-day yard sale, not counting the loose change in the donation jar, came to $4,387, which means aviary supporters need less than $2,000 to meet their October goal.

"I am so happy and excited and all the effort was well worth it," Neve said.

Some of the remaining items were collected and donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but most were stored away for what Neve hopes will be a spring aviary yard sale.

But not the sumo wrestlers.

A last-minute buyer snatched them up.

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