LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama's Jobs Act is not class warfare


If the Republicans claim the American Jobs Act is class warfare on the very wealthy, then the Democrats can say failing to pass it is class warfare on the millions of jobless people who are suffering. These neighbors, friends and family members can't wait while the aforementioned politicians try to protect the very wealthy who should pay their fair share in taxes.

Many very wealthy citizens, some of whom are Washington, D.C., politicians (some are Democrats and some are Republicans) are in favor of paying more in taxes.

Some of the Republicans want to cut badly needed programs for the middle class, poor and seniors to protect billionaires.

President Obama and the Democrats want to tax billionaires to create jobs, while still reducing the deficit. At the center of this jobs bill is the Buffett Rule, named after Warren Buffett, one of the very wealthy who wants to pay more in taxes.

We must not allow party politics to prevent us from helping so many of our fellow citizens who desperately need our help. Congress needs to pass this jobs bill that will put people back to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, schools and other vital infrastructure.

Please contact U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and encourage her to pass the jobs legislation now. You may also join a local group that meets in front of her office every Friday at noon.

Pamela K. Elliott

Walla Walla


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